dc mcguire | NK's Red Lips & Red Nose Team

On the morning of October 28th, I'll be putting on my hiking boots and the SPF 50 to raise funds for AHA while honoring Nancy.  I'll be there bright and early because I love this program. It has an incredibly effective way of addressing the apathy, despair, and hate-based behavior that debilitates so many young people.At the same time AHA's activities encourage strong academic skills, and are aimed at empowering leaders.

 I've had the privilege and pleasure of working directly with participants. I know first hand, the transformations AHA has made in many lives, for the past 17 years, serving 2500 youth at  Dos Pueblos, San Marcos, Carpinteria, La Cuesta, and SB Jr. and SB High School.

If you’d like to help this amazing organization thrive – without putting on the boots and sunscreen - would you please consider pitching in to help me make it to my goal of a $1000 contribution!!! Easy, tax-deductible, and you’ll know that you’re part of an effort that makes direct, long-lasting improvements in the lives of 2,500 young men and women.What a deal!

From the souls of my boots, to the bottom of my heart, THANKS!


Funds raised: $1,050 of $1,000


Thank you donors
Beverly Kropp : $50
Carol Klinr : $75
Yippee! I love how Nancy’s spirit is inspiring so much kick-ass goodness. To be continued...
Ken Saxon : $100
Cynthia Ryan : $50
Missing you Nancy.
Ann Kale
Always happy to support AHA. Happy Trails To You!
Patricia Aptaker : $150
We can always count on you to go the extra miles! Thank you, DC, for honoring Nancy and helping the kids. ??
Betsy Newman
Proud of you for struggling up a mountain for such a great cause
Judy Anticouni : $100
So happy to help keep Nancy's light burning for such a great cause!
Alicia Lancashire : $100
What a great way to honor Nancy! Well done my friend, wish I was there with you.
Victoria Riskin : $150
For my hero...DC!
Marcia Cohen : $100
Proud of you.... you go gurl!!!!
christine fletcher : $50
Nancy and I with you all the way, just not on the path